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So a middle of the night whim of online shopping leads to a cool find! The plates at UNOODLES represent a piece of history. Thought drawn to the plates for their classic look, eclectic charm and down right thrift-friendly price! It would turn out that they have an even cooler appeal. The plates have a unique design with three interlocking rings with the letters “F, L, T” …of court this inspired a lot of curiosity, we can use our imagination, and though we could come up with a lot of acronyms for that combinations, the truth is they stand for FRIENDSHIP, LOVE and TRUTH. As a little on-line research would tell us, it is the insignia of a benevolent organization that was founded nearly two centuries ago in Baltimore, Maryland with deeper roots that tie all the way back to England, known as “Independent Order of Odd Fellows”. All in all it’s quite fitting that the plates belonging to a group of so called “Odd Fellows” with an altruistic mission would wind up in the hands of a new group of “Odd Fellows” here in Haverstraw at UNOODLES, who also have a community minded mission! We encourage you to have fun with the plates and create your own theories of what “F, L,T” stand for….
Foodies Love Tyme...Freaky Lasagna Taffy...Fat Lady Tequila...Fusion Latino Time! The Sky is the Limit, We hope you enjoy! Have Fun!